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Open Education Resources (OER) are freely accessible, open-licensed learning content. In this session, we will explore collections of open education resources and discuss how to get started finding resources for YOUR classroom. Additionally, we will discuss Creative Commons licensing, ways to incorporate OER in your instruction, and how to create open educational resources to share.

Short description: Explore collections of open education resources and discuss how to get started finding resources for YOUR classroom

Audience: K-12 teachers

What are Open Educational Resources (OER) and how do I know that I need them?

Openly licensed education resources are teaching, learning, and research materials in any medium in the public domain or accessible under an open license that permits free use and re-purposing.
  • Retain - The right to make, own and control copies of the content (e.g., download, duplicate, store and manage)
  • Revise - Adapt and improve OER so that they better meet the needs of teachers and students
  • Remix - Combine OER to produce new open materials
  • Reuse - Use the original or new versions of OER in different contexts
  • Redistribute - Make copies and share the original OER or new versions, free of traditional copyright restrictions

Why Open Matters

Creative Commons

How do I decide what I need? How do I find what I need?

OER Commons
Utah Education Network
Classroom Aid, Connecting Dots of Digital Learning
Open Textbook Library (Members)
Open Culture
Project Gutenburg
Feed Books
Khan Academy
School of Open
NY Engage
Power My Learning
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What makes a resource OER? How do I vet a resource once I find it?

OER Review Criteria Template
Achieve OER Rubrics
North Carolina Summary Rubric

Additional Resources:

USDOE #GoOpen Initiative
#GoOpen States
#GoOpen Fact Sheet
Learning Registry
Jisc Open Educational Resources
Donna Murray - OER Pinterest Board

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